We do quantitative and qualitative research and we are experienced with all sorts of studies and methodologies. Our leading research experts are ACTIVELY INVOLVED in all projects.

Our mission is

 to make RESEARCH an operational tool integrated in the entire business decision making process.

Our online research platform YOUMAP

can flex between quantitative and qualitative research and has access to a large community in an instant.

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Our mobile app SONDAJE Mappers

is fully customisable to any research task that needs to be completed in context or on-the-go. Rich media like picture and audio can be captured and included in the reports.

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Bucharest, Romania
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Facilitation – A Professional Job

 A facilitator’s job is to deliver “the package” You know the drill: a transporter’s job is to deliver “the package” safely and timely to the desired destination and to protect it (in between), sometimes from itself even. Facilitation is very...

Sound understanding. Uncovering directions.

Ever since the ’30s, the market research industry is reinventing itself at least every couple of years. Even faster in the post-millenial and high-tech recent years. What is constant, however, is the quality of people needed to do the job. Their capability...

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