Winter 2014 – one of the leading players in the dairy industry is preparing the launch of warm application products on the market. The range is new, for both the market and the company, and the client needs to understand how to position it as a range: find the one thing that is intrinsically true and relevant for all the products in the warm applications pipeline.

My kitchen – an inspirational community was set up, with 30 consumers and experts (bloggers, journalists) who tried out all the products, over the course of 3 weeks, in their own kitchen and in their own time, providing real-time feed-back on the recipes, but also on the whole (family) experience (from preparation to consumption).

Outcome of the project: the client knew which are the key needs both relevant to the target and delivered by the entire range, and obtained strong directions for building the positioning. On top, the research also helped identify a secondary target profile for the range, which opened new opportunities for the brand.


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February 23, 2015

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