In 2013, our client, a major bank, started a highly involving process of channel (office) re-design, intending not only to better answer its clients’ current needs, but also to anticipate the future of this channel in the banking industry.
Alongside extensive observation-based research and in-depth investigation of the banks’ clients and prospects, an experts’ online community was set-up which brought together experts from various domains: art, architecture, design, technology, financial services, hospitality.
The online set-up has allowed engaging with the group of experts for 2 intensive weeks, period during which they took the challenge to perform their own observations in-field and provide their own feed-back. They brought in expertise and inspiration from their own domains that helped crystallizing the future trends. In the end, they worked together in digital brainstorming sessions to provide working solutions for the tensions and needs identified earlier in the consumer research.


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February 23, 2015

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